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Although our online pricing program offers standard products, EJS predominantly designs and manufactures custom expansion joints.  We provide both metal and fabric type custom expansion joints from 2” (5cm) nominal diameter to 240” (6.1m), temperatures from –325F (-198C) to 2,500F (1371C) and pressure ranges from full vacuum to 2000 psig (13.8Mpa). Bellows of single-ply, multi-ply, root rings, equalizer rings and torrid designs are also available.

Please complete the form below with as much information as possible and let our team design an expansion joint optimal for your application.

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Flexible Element METAL FABRIC
Size Ex: 4 Nominal Pipe, 3.625" OD, 250mm,
42 in X 36 in IS RECTANGULAR
Pressure Ex: 150 psig, 5000 Kpa, 16 Barg, 40" H2O, 40mm Hg
Temperature Ex: 450 deg F, 900 C
Cycle Life Ex: 3000 cycles
Ends Ex: Flanged, Weld End, Vanstoned, 3x3x1/4 rolled angle
End Mat'l Ex: Carbon Steel, A36, A53 Gr.B pipe, 304 Stainless Steel
End Description Ex: 6"-150# RFSO, 12" SCH 80 pipe, 3x3x3/8 angle, holes x 360 mm bolt circle, 42.25 ID x 1.25 thk duct
Axial Compression Ex: 3.0 in, 40 mm
Axial Extension Ex: 2.5", 12 mm
Lateral Ex: +/- 20mm, 3.5 inches
Angular Ex: 2.5 deg
Metal Bellows Mat'l What material should I use for a bellows?
(If FABRIC is selected, EJS will select a suitable material)
Internal Liners
Internal Liner Mat'l
Cover Mat'l
External Restraints About Tie Rods. About Limit Rods.
Hinge or Gimbal Required About Hinges. About Gimbals.
ASME Partial Data Report About ASME "CODE" Expansion Joints.
Flow Medium Ex: Steam, Water, HCl, Salt
Overall Length Restriction Ex: 12 in max oal, 500mm maximum
Additional Testing Ex: Hydrotest, 100% x-ray, dye-penetrant, mag particle, ultrasound, helium leak
  (EJS offers air and soap bubble leak check as standard testing)
Other Comments
  Please enter any other applicable information. Ex: Vibration, lethal service, maximum spring rates, upset conditions, two ply testable, purged, pressure balanced, refractory lined.
Note: Multiple items are allowed

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